Please welcome Angus Tarnawsky to the SAFA! team!

We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our newest SAFA! team member, the one and only Angus Tarnawsky!

Angus Tarnawsky is a performance-based sound artist experimenting with electro-acoustic improvisation and electronic composition. Originally from Tasmania, Australia, he holds a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honors) from the University of Melbourne and was a 2016 Artist-in-residence at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, QC.

Angus has traveled extensively, leading and collaborating within a variety of projects. His interdisciplinary practice explores a dialog between spontaneity and structure realized using multiple tools and techniques. Important recent works include Artifacts, a long distance yet real-time collaboration with pianist Nathan Liow, an ongoing improvised duo with Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase and a debut solo release, Pitched, exploring modular synthesis for Berlin imprint, Inner Surface Music.  In addition to his performance-based work, Angus is the founder and curator of In Context Music, a record label dedicated to the exploratory channels of electronic and electro-acoustic music. 

Angus will be providing his skills in sound science and performance to help develop and teach new STEM-based curriculum in synthesis and studio production. Welcome aboard, Angus!

SAFA! leads Capstone Lecture for Parsons Scholars Pre-College Program!

We're honored to be featured as Capstone lecturers for tomorrow's Parsons Scholars high school class at Parsons School of Design. We will be working with these high school seniors in creating original works of sound design, audio installations, and experimental performance to be used in their end of semester multimedia installation! Many thanks to Professor Salome Asega for setting it all up, so excited!

Thank you for an amazing first year!

Dear all,

Thank you for all your support in our first year of existence. With tomorrow being the last day to donate, I just wanted to personally reach out and say thanks. Your generosity has granted us the ability to begin impacting the lives of children in NYC and beyond, and this is only the beginning. 2017 will be a big year for SAFA!, as we move towards our ultimate goal of building our mobile studio.

We will be the first of our kind: a fully functional recording studio and music technology workspace on wheels. Imagine the ability to serve the five boroughs five days a week, both in partnership with pre-existing community programs and independently in outdoor public spaces, with the opportunity to take the show on the road for educational workshop tours. Our mission is only possible when we go mobile. And you can pride yourself in knowing your contributions will go directly towards our mission of mobile music technology accessibility without having to cover overhead costs such as pricey NYC real estate. 

In conclusion, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who believes in our mission of music technology accessibility. What started out as just an idea I had has turned into something beautiful, and I can't wait to watch it blossom with you all in the coming year. See you on the other side, and have a Happy New Year!


Max Alper

Founder & Director, Sonic Arts For All!

Meet our new Teaching Artists!

As the number of amazing students and workshop sites increase over the coming months, so must our roster of amazing teaching artists. With that being said, we are so thrilled to introduce three new members of the SAFA! family, each with a particular set of skills in the fields of music production, songwriting, and electronic instrumentation. Please join us in welcoming KT Pipal, Gabriela Baez, and Eliza Walton to the SAFA! team! 

Eliza Walton is a self-taught electronic music producer, sound nerd, and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. Beginning as a drummer at the age of 12, her love for the strange soundscapes of the 80s pop world eventually led her to the wonderful world of sound design and synthesis. As one of the newest members of the SAFA! teaching artist team, she's delighted to help plant the seeds of knowledge for our young producers and sonic artists!

Gabriela Baez is a bassist, song writer, and music producer, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Hunter College in 2016 with a B.A. in Music Performance and a minor in Media Studies. She studied under the tutelage of Emmy- winning composer and jazz pianist Robert D.D. Jackson in Hunter’s Popular Music Combos. She has also studied under Ryan Keberle of the jazz group Catharsis in the Hunter College Jazz Ensemble. Baez is currently working as a studio bassist and interning at a professional recording studio. She is the bassist in several bands including The Protectors of The Wood Band and Semicrcls. Her love of live performance and song writing with technology is something she is excited to share with aspiring musicians and producers.

KT Pipal is a recording and mix engineer from Southern California. They have lived in New York since 2011, and sometimes play music in groups called Causings and Cadet Kelly. They enjoy reading, hanging out with dogs and cats, and learning forever-lessons about music and life while working with the incomparable kids and crew at SAFA!

A Letter From Our Director

Dear Friends,

About six months ago, after years of seeing first-hand the limitations of traditional music education organizations, I decided to do something unusual for a twenty-four year old with a music degree. I started a non-profit organization; but more important than the organization itself was the conversation I wanted to kickstart. How do we see music education progressing in the age of technology? When less than 25% of public schools in New York City have music classes, what can we do to make music education more accessible? What is the proper place for traditional music pedagogy for the current generation of tech savvy students? The organization I launched earlier this year, Sonic Arts For All (SAFA!), was created to move this conversation forward, and to provide a different style of music classroom to those who may feel left out of the equation.

The SAFA! mission is to provide a fun, yet still rigorous, alternative to the traditional music classroom for the K-12 and special needs students of New York City and beyond. We utilize technology as the key component of our curriculum, providing professional digital music and recording equipment for our students to use at all our workshops, as well as consultation to families on how to utilize the technology found in many homes, such as tablets and PCs, to create music. As of September 2016, SAFA! has held teaching residencies at a variety of locations in NYC, including Powrplnt, NYC Rock Camp, and Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music, as well guest residencies at the Charles River Creative Arts Program and The Conservatory at Highlands in Greater Boston.

As we enter the new academic year, our student numbers continue to grow. Our weekly workshops at Brooklyn College have received local press, and other prominent media outlets such as Vice have highlighted the work we are doing. In order to continue our steady growth as we build new programs throughout NYC and beyond, we depend on tax-deductible contributions from individuals and organizations who share our belief in the untapped creative potential of expanded music technology accessibility for all. With your generosity, we will be able to purchase more equipment and hire more teachers, while keeping out of pocket costs for individuals and families very low. We believe everyone can join in on the digital music making. Join us at Sonic Arts For All!

With gratitude,

Max Alper

Founder and Director, Sonic Arts For All!

Introducing our new Teaching Artist and Community Organizer, Jaydee DeLeon!

Sonic Arts For All! is pleased to welcome the first of many teaching artists and community organizers to our family, Jaydee DeLeon! Jaydee will be co-teaching our elementary-level group workshops at the Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music, as well as expanding our community outreach in the Central and South Brooklyn areas. Welcome aboard, Jaydee!

Jaydee Deleon is a guitarist, music technologist, and educator, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College in 2016 with a Bachelors in Music Performance (Classical Guitar) and a minor in Music Technology. His primary instructors included Dr. Lars Frandsen, Douglas Geers, and George Brunner.

Having been exposed at an early age to the hardcore punk and metal scene of South Brooklyn, Jaydee utilized these contemporary performance skills during his undergraduate studies of classical and electroacoustic music. He has taught in both the private and elementary-age group classroom settings.