Meet our new Teaching Artists!

As the number of amazing students and workshop sites increase over the coming months, so must our roster of amazing teaching artists. With that being said, we are so thrilled to introduce three new members of the SAFA! family, each with a particular set of skills in the fields of music production, songwriting, and electronic instrumentation. Please join us in welcoming KT Pipal, Gabriela Baez, and Eliza Walton to the SAFA! team! 

Eliza Walton is a self-taught electronic music producer, sound nerd, and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. Beginning as a drummer at the age of 12, her love for the strange soundscapes of the 80s pop world eventually led her to the wonderful world of sound design and synthesis. As one of the newest members of the SAFA! teaching artist team, she's delighted to help plant the seeds of knowledge for our young producers and sonic artists!

Gabriela Baez is a bassist, song writer, and music producer, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Hunter College in 2016 with a B.A. in Music Performance and a minor in Media Studies. She studied under the tutelage of Emmy- winning composer and jazz pianist Robert D.D. Jackson in Hunter’s Popular Music Combos. She has also studied under Ryan Keberle of the jazz group Catharsis in the Hunter College Jazz Ensemble. Baez is currently working as a studio bassist and interning at a professional recording studio. She is the bassist in several bands including The Protectors of The Wood Band and Semicrcls. Her love of live performance and song writing with technology is something she is excited to share with aspiring musicians and producers.

KT Pipal is a recording and mix engineer from Southern California. They have lived in New York since 2011, and sometimes play music in groups called Causings and Cadet Kelly. They enjoy reading, hanging out with dogs and cats, and learning forever-lessons about music and life while working with the incomparable kids and crew at SAFA!