Photos from SAFA! in Boston, July 2016.

SAFA! founder Max Alper visited the Charles River Creative Arts Program on July 13th, 2016 as a guest artist. He sat in on multiple music classes, as well as performed and collaborated with the campers to create some weird sounds of their own. During the daily Noontime Show, Max gave an artist talk with CRCAP director Aaron Gelb, as well as performed solo, with the Creative Starts group, and the Creative Music Alliance ensemble class.

During classes such as Creative Music Alliance and Digital Music, Max held group critiques, where students would present their work, and Max would initiative conversations amongst the students on how each piece could be improved. All classes of the day were modeled on college-level conservatory composition workshops. Workshop topics included free improvisation, musique concréte, arrangement and composition in Garageband and Logic, live effects processing, looping and feedback, and much more! 

On July 14th, 2016, SAFA! founder Max Alper visited the conservatory to give a digital music workshops to students, young and old, at the Conservatory. Topics included utilizing accessible technology at home (such as iPads and other tablets), sequencer apps and hardware, live effects processing, group improvisation, and arrangement through live looping.

Be on the lookout for more SAFA! workshops in digital music at CRCAP and The Conservatory on the Highlands during the academic year!