Please welcome Angus Tarnawsky to the SAFA! team!

We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our newest SAFA! team member, the one and only Angus Tarnawsky!

Angus Tarnawsky is a performance-based sound artist experimenting with electro-acoustic improvisation and electronic composition. Originally from Tasmania, Australia, he holds a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honors) from the University of Melbourne and was a 2016 Artist-in-residence at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, QC.

Angus has traveled extensively, leading and collaborating within a variety of projects. His interdisciplinary practice explores a dialog between spontaneity and structure realized using multiple tools and techniques. Important recent works include Artifacts, a long distance yet real-time collaboration with pianist Nathan Liow, an ongoing improvised duo with Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase and a debut solo release, Pitched, exploring modular synthesis for Berlin imprint, Inner Surface Music.  In addition to his performance-based work, Angus is the founder and curator of In Context Music, a record label dedicated to the exploratory channels of electronic and electro-acoustic music. 

Angus will be providing his skills in sound science and performance to help develop and teach new STEM-based curriculum in synthesis and studio production. Welcome aboard, Angus!